One of the best way of giving up smoking is snuff taking. Since usage of snuff can be said to be the safest method of consuming tobacco. Snuff does not go in the body, therefore, it is much less harmful than smoking.

Snuff has great medicinal values also. Even now in rural India people use it to to treat their sinus, since it opens up nose quickly and makes a person’s mind fresh. Nowadays, even doctors prescribe it to their patients. It makes the user feel relaxed and fresh.
Many European countries are promoting snuff in order to help people to shift from smoking to snuff-taking.

What is Snuff?
Snuff is a hygienic preparation of tobacco with aromatics, perfumes and menthol. It is to be inhaled through nose.

Why Snuff?
Large number of medical practitioners today are whole-heartedly in favor of snuff as a decongestant and it is generally reckoned to be a relief, if not actually a cure for this unpleasant complaint. Also recognised is the property of snuff to clear head and alert the brain, thus giving a stimulus to the whole system. For people, who work in dust laden atmosphere, snuff taking is a boon. They have to take snuff to clear the dust from their noses. It has even been suggested that if more people took good snuff, there would be less resort to pills.

Which Snuff?
5 PHOTO SNUFF. It is made in conditions of absolute cleanliness and is devoid of adulteration. In addition to that 5 PHOTO SNUFF is almost a century old brand and still hasn't compromised in the quality of tobacco and other ingredients used. Our brand is growing manifolds since the adult users have started recognising it as a good substitute to experience tobacco satisfaction.

To sneeze or not to sneeze
One objection to snuff, and for the most part ill founded is that it puts one to the inconvenience of sneezing. After you have persevered with snuff for a day or two, the tendency to sneeze will almost disappear. It has been observed that when a snuff box is passed around amongst a group of snuff takers, it is unusual to hear a sneeze. workers in the snuff factory and shops are remarkably free from nasal congestion and heaviness of head, most probably due to their breathing snuff all their working hours.

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