Apart from improving the quality of our existing products, we constantly strive in developing new products to lead the cut-throat competition.


5 Photo Snuff is one of the oldest tobacco snuff brand in India. Our brand was established in the year 1915 in a small village called Giddarbaha in East Punjab. With over 93 years of experience to its credit the brand is being Manufactured by the firm Khetu Ram Bishamber Das(PM).

We manufacture our snuff in the most hygienic conditions and in the old traditional way so that the 93 year old feel remains unchanged. Selected leaves of tobacco are plucked and made into raw snuff. This raw snuff is then processed and high quality menthol, and perfumes are added to it, to get the rich aroma.


Khetu Ram Bishamber Das(PM) was started with the goal of swelling the snuff market and give an edge to other harmful tobacco items. Our policy has always been not to compromise on the quality of our products and develop the market for Indian snuff throughout the world while creating consciousness and benefits of snuff (smokeless tobacco products).

To achieve our objective of manufacturing quality products, we have laid down strict policy to be followed at every stage of production.

  1. Close monitoring of manufacture process by our supervisors.
  2. Best packaging material used for better shell life.
  3. Purchasing pure and high quality ingredients like perfumes and menthol.

One of the best way of giving up smoking is snuff taking. Since usage of snuff can be said to be the safest method of consuming tobacco. Snuff does not go in the body, therefore, it is much less harmful than smoking.

Many European countries are promoting snuff in order to help people to shift from smoking to snuff-taking.


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